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Legal Videography

With over 20 years of legal video production experience we offer the highest quality service.

• Over 10,000 projects videotaped
• DVDs and CDs in TV and computer formats
• Synchronized videos to transcripts
• Editing, titles, special effects
• Computer-based trial presentation
• Around-the-clock availability
• Tape and disc copying and conversion
• Site inspections and day-in-the-life documentaries
• Videotaping of seminars and presentations
• Document camera (Elmo)

Video Conferencing

Business travel is a major hassle when you must wake at 4:30 a.m., ride a $50 cab, pass twice through security, then impatiently wait on a delayed flight.

Instead, videoconferencing at Carol Davis Reporting! Our videoconferencing suite on Hillmont connects you worldwide for depositions, client conferences, presentations, and interviews.

Videoconferencing is easy, effective, and gaining popularity every day. Often heard from our first-time videoconference clients is, “Why haven’t I done this before? I’m doing this again.” And then they schedule again. Let Carol Davis eliminate your travel hassles so you can take care of business.

Because you’re at Carol Davis Reporting, you have full secretarial services, phone, fax, and beverages. And a short drive home for dinner. Our videoconferencing suite seats 10, a document camera is available for exhibits, and the videoconference can be videotaped.

We’ve videoconferenced to London, Scotland, Bogota, New Zealand, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Austin, and of course, Dallas. Please call Alice Farrack at 713.647.5100 for scheduling. We’d love to have you here for your next videoconference.

7838 Hillmont
Houston, Texas 77040
Fax: 713.647.5157


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